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Department of Internal Audit

As per given in the Provincial Financial Regulation 79.4 , Department of Internal Audit shall be a Provincial Department of Internal Audit . The head of the department is the Internal Audit Director . If there is a Recruitment Procedure for the Internal Audit Section , appointment will be given by the Governor.



The objective of the Audit is to review , evaluate and report the Existing Control Systems and the Accuracy of the Data in order to covering the all fields in the Organization . It means , the Assessment of the Adequacy and the Suitability of the existing Accounts Systems . In terms of the order 97.1 of the Financial Regulations of the Provincial Council , the power of Internal Audit of the Provincial Council has been assigned to the Internal Audit Director . In terms of the order 82.4.1 , subject to these provisions , a Continuous Check and an Independent Evaluation of the Formality or Adequacy of the Internal Inspection using for preventing and revealing the Errors and Frauds after searching Existing Internal Control System related to the activities assigned to the Ministries , Governor’s Office , Provincial Council Secretariat , Departments , Commissions , Local Government Institutions on the agreement of the Minister of Local Government , Boards , Authorities , Institutions and Funds established under the Enactments , Offices and Institutions such as Divisional Secretariats where the activities of the Provincial Council have been assigned , but not including in the Provincial Council , is fulfilled . In accordance with the Financial Regulation 82.5.12 , a quarterly report preparing based on the Accounting Officers and Chief Accounting Officers , should be forwarded to the Governor with the copies to the Auditor General and the Chief Secretary through the Internal Audit before the end of the next Quarter .