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Tasks of the Internal Audit Director


  • Making the Internal Check and Control System , implementing in the Institution for Preventing from the Errors and the frauds as well as inspection of the success of performance .


  • Inspection of providing required information for making Accurate Financial  Statements through determining the credibility of Accounts and other Reports  through the Standard Accounting Procedures used .


  • Evaluation of the quality of their performances in fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to the Staff .


  • Inspection of protecting the Assets from the all kinds of damages 


  • Inspection of following Establishments Code , Provincial Financial Regulations , Procedures which are related by the Governor , Public Administration , Treasury and other Circulars and Instructions .


  • Inspection of the success of the Internal Audit System for preventing from waste, idle capacity and expenses incurred without any thrift as well as revealing them .


  • Inspection of operations affected to the Accounting System and any payment of the Institution and using the Property and the liability of the Institution with the safe and the thrift .


  • To handle the Special Investigations at the necessary times .


  • To act as a representative of the Chief Secretary at the activities of Public Accounting Committee of the Parliament and Provincial Fund Accounting Committee .


  • Coordinating relevant to the Audit Inquiries concerned with the different Institutions in the Provincial Council issued by the Auditor General and reporting the progress .

  • Internal Audit Programs relating to the Province for an every Financial Year have been prepared by obtaining the approval of the Chief Secretary , forward to the Auditor General with a copy to Hon. Governor and conducting the Annual Internal Audit activities according to that program .


  • A Quarterly Report prepared based on the Accounting Officers and the Chief Accounting Officers , should be forwarded to the Governor with the copies to the Auditor General and the Chief Secretary through the Internal Audit before the end of the next Quarter .


  • Constantly , Training and Organizing the Staff for Introducing Knowledge , New Technology  and Techniques required to the Staff of the Provincial Department of Internal Audit and Internal Audit Units .

  • Coordinating the activities with the Inter Provincial Councils relating to the Internal Audit .


  • Forwarding guidance , recommendations , proposals required to the Accounting Officers , the Chief Accounting Officers for strengthening the Internal Audit System in the Institutions which have weaknesses in the Internal Control .